(MSc) Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice), inter-institutional programme

This novel course is a multidisciplinary approach to environmental sustainability devised by NUI Galway and the University of Limerick (UL). The course meets the needs of those graduates with continued interest in a sustainability-based taught MSc and responds to market demands for graduates with more applied knowledge of the environmental sector. The course aims to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and experience required to pursue successful careers in managing environmental resources sustainably.

The 12-month long course comprises new modules taught only at postgraduate level and aims to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and experience that are needed to pursue successful careers in managing environmental resources sustainably. The course will help develop government policy and economic recovery by producing top quality graduates who can contribute to a smart economy and hasten implementation of green technologies. Given the pressure on and competition for limited resources, the course applies an evidence based approach to developing solutions for all system users. Graduates will become technically fluent in selected environmental science theory, policy development, implementation and best practice.

Programme objectives:-

  • To integrate an international perspective to reflect new research findings and current practice in sustainable use of resources that can be applied within Ireland and elsewhere.
  • To provide research-led learning opportunities that will develop skills in identifying and evaluating solutions for real world problems.
  •  To provide Irish expertise to meet legal obligations.

Semesters 1 and 2 are devoted to formal scientific and policy coursework consisting primarily of lectures, problem-based learning, site visits and tutorials and private study. Students are expected to carry out group projects and to prepare written reports, oral and other presentations for continuous assessment.

Semester 1 comprises 3 modules taught in NUI Galway (30 ECTS):-

  • Ecosystem Assessment
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Environmental Problems and Solutions

Semester 2 comprises 4 modules taught in UL (30 ECTS):-

  • Material and Energy Flows
  • Urban Form and Transport
  • Urban Household Sustainability
  • Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering

Students undertake a research project at either institution during Semester 3 (30 ECTS).

Master of Science (Engineering) (Research)
Intakes and Duration
1 Year
Entry Requirements
Places are limited (15) and selection is based on each candidate’s academic record/relevant experience, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.
Applicants must have a primary degree with a Second Class Honours, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline. Relevant disciplines include science, marine science, engineering, environmental science, geography, social science, health promotion, engineering, economics or other related disciplines.
Applicants who do not have an academic background and have relevant experience are welcome to apply. They may be required to attend an interview.

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