Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Media and Communication Studies (BMS)

Course Introduction

The era of digital media convergence has brought over changes to the new form of media with an "integration" of content, communication, and cross-media coverage. The Department of Media Studies, which upholds the spirit of "justice, objectivity, and critical thinking", is striving to provide training to transform our students to be cross-media specialists. 


Four core modules of BMS programme:

  • Media and Communication: To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts, essential theories, and media literacies of the development of contemporary digital media industry in the context of global media convergence trend.
  • Sustainability and Humanity: To form the foundation of humanistic care and critical thinking, which helps to enhance students’ imagination and alternative perspectives in the content creation.
  • Cross-media Competencies: To enhance students’ cross-media skills by training them in the creation of multiple content such as text, image, sound, video, and presentation.
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship: To adhere to industrial standards and requirements by training students to apply creative thinking and marketing skills, promoting ideas and content, and establishing connections and relationships, with the combination of digital media and social platforms.

Programme Modules *

  1. Media and Communication
    • Media Literacy
    • Digital Age Literacy
    • Critical Communication
    • New Media Communication
    • Global Communication
    • Communication Research Methods
    • Film Appreciation
  2. Sustainability and Humanity
    • Art and Aesthetics
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Activism and Cultural Participant
    • Environmental Communication
    • Popular Culture
    • Feminism
    • Introduction to Political Science
  3. Cross-media Competencies
    • Infographic and Data Visualization
    • Digital Editing and Design
    • Digital Visual Production and Editing
    • Human Communication
    • Voices Narration
    • Cross-media Content Editing
    • Broadcast and Hosting
  4. Creativity and Entrepreneurship
    • Creative Content Marketing
    • Advertising Strategy
    • Cultural and Creative Industries
    • Managing Social Media
    • Topics in Media and Communication
    • Cross-media Project
    • Community Communication and Citizen Practice

* Selected programme modules

Communications & Media
Intakes and Duration
3 years
3 years
3 years
Course Fee (Local Students)
Course Fee (International Students)
Please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.
Entry Requirements
STPM (CGPA 2.0) with 2 Principal Passes of at least C, and SPM with a Credit in English
UEC with 5 Credits inclusive of English
Diploma in Media Studies (CGPA2.0), New Era University College, and SPM with a Credit in English
Foundation in Chinese Communication (CGPA2.0), New Era University College, and SPM with a Credit in English
Other equivalent qualifications
A Level / Other qualifications deemed equivalent by MQA

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