Diploma in Drama & Visuals (DDV)

This is a 2.5-year programme. Besides attending courses in the campus, students are also required to participate in professional productions as well as producing a graduation public presentation. The courses are conducted in Mandarin and English. After completing the programme, students can continue their studies for a bachelor’s degree with sister colleges or universities of New Era University College.

The course includes all aspects of performing arts on and off the stage as well as the creative field of film and digital video production.

The learning process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, students are trained in the basic aesthetics of both theatre and visual creativity including film production. In the second stage, students choose a major either in theatre or visuals (film and digital video) according to their respective interest. In the whole learning process towards professionalism, students choosing different majors  have the opportunity to exhibit their talents and develop their potentials under the supervision of well-trained and award-winning lecturers.

In order to widen the prospects and thinking ability of students, we have good connections with local as well as overseas’ theatre activists and film directors.

Apart from the professional training, our students are encouraged to participate in as many theatre activities as possible so that they can interact with the community and learn from the community.

Our aim is to nurture talents in theatre and film production. We utilize and incorporate resources from the community. It is hoped that through their participation and support, we can elevate the quality of life in the community.


Programme Modules *

  • Introduction to Drama
  • Fundamentals of Acting
  • Principles of Arts Management
  • Introduction to Film and Video
  • Mandarin Phonetics I
  • History of Theatre
  • History of Cinema I
  • Basic of Theatre Production/Elementary of Theatre Production
  • Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • Introduction to Directing
  • Playwriting
  • Professional Apprenticeship
  • Graduation Production
  • Art Appreciation
  • Appreciation and Analysis of Script
  • Costume and Make Up
  • Set Design
  • Sound Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Malaysian Traditional Theatre
  • Children Creative Drama Teaching
  • Introduction to Experimental Film
  • English

Major in Drama

  • Mandarin Phonetics II, III
  • Intermediate Acting
  • Directing
  • Intermediate of Theatre Production
  • Modern Drama

Major in Visuals

  • History of Cinema II
  • Film and Cultural Studies
  • Visuals Editing
  • Advanced Digital Filmmaking
  • Special Topic on Film
  • Documentary Production

* Selected programme modules

Diploma – Others
Intakes and Duration
2.5 years
2.5 years
Course Fee (Local Students)
Course Fee (International Students)
Please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.
Entry Requirements
UEC with 5 Passes (including Chinese)
SPM with 3 Credits, AND Pass in Chinese
Other equivalent qualifications
O Level / IGCSE / Other qualifications deemed equivalent by MQA
Performing Arts

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