Master of Education (Research)

The Master of Education programme provides for the completion of a research thesis in a wide range of related education topics in South East Asia, Educational Philosophy, Curriculum and Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Teaching and Learning, Teaching Chinese Language, Educational Psychology and other relevant topics. It aims to cultivate the ability of postgraduate students to analyses and solve specific problems through the mastering of the relevant research methods in Education. This programme will result in the cultivation of a specialist with professional up-to-date knowledge, and skills equipped in various areas of specialisation with theoretical perspective of educational practices. Graduates can engage in academic research and professional teaching, and be qualified to work in institutions of higher learning, research institutions, and other educational related organizations.


Basic Structure

The duration of full-time study is 2 to 4 years. Students are required to attend all prescribed courses, including the Research Methodology, Research Proposal & Seminar, Statistics and Data Analysis, Principles of Education (candidates who without education major), and pass the Thesis Proposal Defence.

The award of an ME requires the submission of a thesis for examination at a viva voce (oral examination) by two examiners, at least one of whom is external to NEUC. The ME thesis must show a grasp of the relevant literature, the methodologies and the issues involved in a specific area of study.

Master of Education (M.Ed)
Intakes and Duration
2 to 4 years
Course Fee (Local Students)
RM12,000, RM14,000 (without Education major)
Course Fee (International Students)
Please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.

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