PhD in Chinese Studies (Research)

The PhD in Chinese Studies provides for the completion of a research thesis in a wide range of related topics in traditional Sinology and Han culture, as well as in Southeast Asian Chinese Studies, Malaysian Chinese Literature and Culture Studies. It aims to cultivate the ability of postgraduate students to analyse and solve specific problems through the mastering of the relevant research methods in the humanities and social sciences and will result in the cultivation of a specialist with solid, systematic, cutting-edge professional knowledge as well as a broad cultural vision and humanistic solicitude for society. Graduates can be engaged in creative academic research and professional teaching, and be qualified to work in institutions of higher learning, research institutions, the publishing field, and cultural organisations.


Basic Structure

The duration of full-time study is 3 to 4 years. Students are required to attend all prescribed courses, including the Methodology in Chinese Studies and Directed Readings in Chinese Studies, and pass the Thesis Proposal Defence. PhD candidates are required to have one academic publication before the degree can be awarded.

The award of a PhD requires the submission of a thesis for examination at a viva voce (oral examination) by three examiners, at least two of whom are external to NEUC. The PhD thesis must be an original and substantial piece of work which makes a contribution to the relevant literature.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Intakes and Duration
3 - 4 years
Course Fee (Local Students)
Course Fee (International Students)
Please consult Institute of International Education (IIE), NEUC.
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