A Diverse Educational Experience to Build a Global Perspective at NUMed

A diverse campus is essential in enhancing students’ experiences beyond academics. In addition to being able to glean different perspectives, learn from people of all walks of life and share experiences, they are also able to obtain an inclusive education that will help them to prepare for global career opportunities. 

As the international branch campus of Newcastle University, UK, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) welcomes students from different backgrounds while offering the same curricula as its parent campus. This makes it easier for students in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to obtain a world-class education.

Undergraduate students at NUMed have the privilege of getting part of their education at the UK campus, giving them the chance to interact with a larger international population. Students who enroll in its 2 + 1 BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences (BMS) programme will spend their final year of study in the UK, while MBBS students have the option of choosing to take part in an exchange programme or complete their intercalated coursework at the UK campus before returning to NUMed to finish their studies. 

Apart from that, students will also find a significant international student population at the NUMed campus. The university strives to cultivate inclusive behaviour amongst its students while encouraging diversity. As well as having academics of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, they are able to learn from their international peers, allowing them to explore and expand their areas of interest as well as absorbing different perspectives and ideas. This will increase their critical thinking abilities and broaden their understanding of the world. As a result, they will be better equipped to meet the challenges of their careers no matter where they end up. 

Other than in class, the university offers a host of clubs, societies and other student activities, such as seminars and workshops, throughout the year. As such, students will have ample opportunities to mingle and interact with those from different course programmes and backgrounds. The myriad of events and activities organised by the university also provides them with a wide array of networking opportunities and essential insights into the global workplace, easing their transition into the workforce after graduation. 

With a diverse educational experience, students will not only be able to better hone their soft skill sets, but also expand their knowledge base and enhance their social growth. This contributes to a richer life experience that will help to prepare them for the real world. 


Find out how NUMed can help give you a global perspective for a brighter future. For more details on the programmes on offer at the university, email admissions@newcastle.edu.my, call +607-555 3800, WhatsApp +6011-1231 5411/+6012-784 9456 or visit https://www.ncl.ac.uk/numed/.

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