Being an App Developer

A mobile application, also known as an app, is a software designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apps are commonly used for daily activities such as online banking, online shopping, food delivery and ride-hailing. 

Academic Pathway

Most app developers have a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology. These courses teach individuals programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and PHP. App developers need to have a background in the principles of secure and stable software design. Besides that, they understand the software development process and development technology for different platforms. In addition to relevant undergraduate qualifications, individuals may also need to enrol in specialised training and boot camps about mobile application development. This is because the industry is relatively new and requires developers to be familiar with modern programming languages and methods not taught during their undergraduate years. 

Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities as Mobile App Developers, Android Developers and iOS Developers can be found in a variety of industries such as retail, health, financial services, tourism, entertainment and food & beverage. Top employers include multinational corporations, small-medium enterprises and independent consultancy firms. IT companies also need app developers to manage their own systems and provide consultancy services for other companies. In addition, app developers can work in the government sector as well as in education. 

Job Duties

Mobile app developers usually work in a development team with other software developers on a particular project or to write a specific part of an app. After discussing the clients’ needs, mobile app developers produce a detailed program specification and break it down into smaller parts or individual elements, and translate it to a programming language. Other than programming, developers need to test the program and find solutions to any issues that arise. They also play a part in the installation of the program and need to write detailed manuals for computer operators and consumers. After the app has been distributed, developers need to evaluate the effectiveness of the app and find ways to improve its functions and user experience. 

Skills Needed

App developers need to have strong IT skills and deep knowledge in computer programming. They need to think creatively and find logical approaches to problem-solving. The ability to think analytically and work under pressure are also necessary skills for app developers. As they work with programming languages, app developers need to have strong attention to detail, patience and perseverance to create an effective app or program. Communication skills are also important as app developers have to convey technical information in a simple and concise manner, and work in teams. The demand for mobile applications shows no signs of slowing down as more and more people today own smartphones. There are now mobile applications that diagnose diseases and help people keep fit. In addition, current mobile application trends are electronic wallets, voice recognition features and smartwatch compatibility. App developers are employed by many companies as they want to promote their businesses and products to tech-savvy customers.