Careers in Business and Management

Graduates with qualifications in finance, business administration, international business, logistics and supply chain, commerce and entrepreneurship can pursue many careers in business and management. Industries that need business and management talent include accounting, retail, investment banking, financial services, insurance and manufacturing, among others. 

Here are a few areas that graduates of business and management can consider.


The marketing team is responsible for creating effective marketing campaigns to grow the company’s customer base and client pool. Successful marketing will eventually lead to increased sales and awareness of a company’s products and services. Members of the marketing team are in charge of different stages of a campaign from planning to execution. Some marketing tasks include researching competitors and current trends, creating effective strategies, preparing promotional materials, meeting clients for marketing opportunities and preparing reports for senior executives and stakeholders. Popular marketing positions are Marketing Executive, Marketing Consultant and Marketing Manager.   


The purchasing department is the backbone behind many small and big organisations in manufacturing, retail and logistics. They are responsible for purchasing the necessary materials for the company’s daily operations at the best quality, value and price. Members in the purchasing department are in charge of handling paperwork related to the purchasing and delivery of materials. They also have to ensure all materials purchased adhere to the company’s purchasing policy and budget. In addition, maintaining good relationships with clients and suppliers are also important. Some positions in purchasing are Purchasing Clerk, Supply Chain Buyer and Purchasing Manager.

Business Development  

The business development team is responsible for improving and growing a company’s business. They have in-depth knowledge on the company’s products and services and have to find ways to sell them effectively. Business development consists of three components which are markets, customers, and relationships. This includes coming up with business strategies, goals and sales targets. Business development members also have to build rapport with their clients by meeting face to face, and following up with them over the phone and email. They also have to present proposals to new clients and identify new business opportunities by conducting research on new markets and growth areas. Jobs in business development include Business Development Executive, Business Development Manager and Business Development Associate.

Project Management 

In a nutshell, project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to execute a successful project. The five aspects of project management are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure. The project management team has to create and define the scope of a project, plan and sequence activities, gather resources, develop schedules and propose an appropriate budget. They commonly use computer-aided software to organise tasks, produce reports and create charts. The success of a project lies with the project management team as they have to make difficult and important decisions to control risk and reduce uncertainty. Some of the popular job positions include Project Manager, Project Procurement Manager and Project Director. 

Fresh graduates usually begin as an executive and move up to be a manager in a few years after gathering sufficient knowledge and experience. In addition to formal qualifications, employers value individuals who have soft skills such as good communication, determination, critical thinking and problem-solving. Prior work experience and internships will also help with securing a job as well.