Claz’room College: Pioneering excellence in global creative education

Recently featured in Sin Chew Newspaper, Claz’room College in Malaysia has become one of the top global creative schools, particularly in the fields of game art and multimedia. The article delves into the college’s success story, highlighting its co-founder Tung Yan-Ning’s emphasis on practical skills training, a cornerstone in preparing students for thriving careers.

The piece captures the journeys of standout students like Emma Yeap Tong and Nyiew Jia Hang, who not only excelled at Claz’room but also won awards at the Rookies Awards. Their stories illustrate how the college cultivates talent, fosters creativity, and equips students for success in the global creative field.

Emphasizing the burgeoning gaming industry in Malaysia, the article underscores Claz’room’s role as more than just an educational institution—it’s a launchpad for aspiring professionals. The college’s robust technical support and industry connections play a pivotal role in propelling students towards success.

Sin Chew Newspaper’s feature encapsulates Claz’room College not merely as an institution but as a testament to passion, education, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the global creative sphere.

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