This article lists some of the jobs that are in demand in 2020.

Technological advancements which kicked into gear by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (41R) have dramatically changed the recent job landscape. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics and Internet of Things have created a demand to learn skills for jobs that do not exist yet. Traditional jobs are also expected to become obsolete as they will be automated.  

Based on “The Future of Jobs” survey by World Economic Forum, here are some of the jobs that are predicted to be in demand in 2020:  


Data Analysts

Big data has become a common term now and it defined as extremely large data sets that need to be analysed computationally to reveal trends and patters. As big data is both valuable and important, data analysts will be in demand to collect, interpret and analyse big data effectively. Data analysts are needed across many industries such as finance, consulting, manufacturing, marketing, sales and education. Some of their main responsibilities of data analysts include monitoring and auditing data quality, preparing reports using computer-aided tools, creating digital visualisations of search results and providing competitor benchmarking. 


Computer Programmers and Software Developers 

In this day and age, thousands of businesses run on websites and mobile applications. Consumers today use digital devices to access services in industries such as retail, food & beverage, banking, ride-hailing, entertainment and many more. Therefore, computer programmers and software developers are in demand to create and maintain applications and websites. Software developers are responsible for designing an application or software. They look at the big picture and make sure requirements from clients and users are met. On the other hand, computer programmers are in charge of using a variety of programming languages to bring applications and software to life. They test for errors to make sure all functions work properly. 


Product Designers 

Creativity will continue to be an in-demand skill in 2020. New technologies will ultimately result in the creation of new products as well as improvement of existing products. Therefore, product designers will be highly sought after to design and develop a wide range of appliances, gadgets and manufactured goods. Product developers need to skilled in IT, 3D design and have a good sense of commercial awareness. Some of their tasks include meeting clients to discuss product requirements, hand-sketch and work on ideas using computer-aided design software, research materials and market requirements, make prototypes and conduct presentations. 


Specialised Salespeople 

It is no secret that technological advancements have disrupted many traditional industries such as sales and marketing. Nowadays, products are no longer only sold in a physical sense. Salespeople need to be aware of online shopping trends, e-commerce platforms and consumer behaviour. They also need to understand aspects of digital marketing to identify target markets, new buyers and trends. Therefore, there will be a need for sales people who are well versed in modern consumer behaviour to be able to sell their products effectively. 


It is also predicted that engineers, architects and human resource managers will continue to be in demand. Graduates today need to learn how to adapt and have the right skills to take on the jobs of 2020 and beyond.