Nurturing Esports Excellence

Gaming has evolved tremendously from just a common hobby among youths to a thriving industry with excellent career opportunities. Technological development is among the driving forces for Electronic sport or Esports which continue to gain traction in Malaysia and is expected to continue to rise. In fact, Esports will be one of the main focuses for the Ministry of Youth and Sports through its Strategic Plan for Esports Development (2020-2025) where among the key strategic priorities for this plan are developing athletes for Esports excellence and better access to Esports infrastructure. 



TAR UC is currently the only institution of higher learning to have its own Esports arena. 


Although Esports is not a common academic field, it is an industry with the potential for one to have a successful career. With early exposure to the world of Esports, the possibility to progress higher in this industry is much faster and the future of this industry is certainly very bright. With this in mind, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) made a strategic move and eventually became the only institution of higher learning in the country currently to have an on-campus Esports centre. Named as Hero Esports Arena, it is the latest infrastructure development at TAR UC which is in line with the institution’s aim of helping students grow and learn Beyond Education. One way to achieve this is by providing a campus environment that helps students build and develop important skills and competencies which go beyond the boundaries of classroom and traditional teaching. With the Esports arena in place, TAR UC will be able to organise Esports tournaments and leagues on campus and at the same time, extend invitations to other esports teams. The arena covers an area of 1,686 square feet and is able to accommodate 42 persons in the Gaming Zone, 6 persons in the VIP Zone and 1 person in the Broadcasting Room. The layout provides ample space and is conducive for students to experience a real Esports arena setting. 


It would not be surprising that the Esports arena will be another most visited spot on Campus among TAR UC students. This would certainly be the case for members of TAR UC Interactive Gaming Society (‘TAR UC IGS’). Its President, Bryan Soon Li-Wei who is currently pursuing his Diploma in Broadcast Communication shares how the Esports arena will totally benefit the members of TAR UC IGS. “The Esports arena is certainly what the members have been looking forward to since the plan of setting up the arena first emerged. It is a whole new feeling when the campus we are studying in has established an Esports arena. Not only is the centre comfortable but it gives students a sense of security knowing that the centre is on campus grounds. Then, the specification of the computers in the arena is certainly of higher standard and quality as compared to the computers elsewhere.  And of course, the Esports arena will definitely be a great venue for TAR UC IGS to have our activities or competitions as the area is very conducive to organise Esports competitions and events,” he explained. 


As someone who has been active in Esports for quite some time, Bryan highlighted why the Hero Esports Arena is also a good facility for students’ development. “The Esports arena is not only a centre for extracurricular activities but it is definitely a conducive hub on campus that would nurture students in so many ways. In today’s world, besides good academic grades, one needs to be skilful and have the required competencies to be successful. What's more, acquiring all these qualities at an early stage during our tertiary education is actually a competitive advantage for students like myself. Esports has helped me hone many skills, especially my communication skills. My involvement in various Esports activities be it as a referee, player or organiser of an Esports event has helped me to communicate effectively and this is vital in carrying out these roles well. Esports is also another great way to sharpen one’s thinking skills especially in developing strategies and training the brain to think effectively and fast,” he shared. 


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