The Right Career Based on Your Personality

Some people study the wrong course and pursue careers that they do not enjoy because they do not fit their personality! According to Holland’s RIASEC codes, there are six personality types which are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Here are some suitable career paths for each personality type. 


1. Realistic 

Individuals who have this personality type enjoy hands-on work and fixing things. Their skills are best applied to challenges they can see and touch instead of abstract or intellectual ideas. These individuals also have excellent problem-solving skills and love facts and figures. Realistic and practical personality types work best by themselves or with a team with a similar mindset. Some of the career choices these individuals can pursue are engineer, pilot, mechanic and handyman. 


2. Investigative 

Those who enjoy studying mathematics, science and IT in school may have investigative and analytical personalities! They love to solve complex mathematical equations and have a passion for computer science and technology. Furthermore, they are careful, accurate and detail-oriented. Investigative and analytical individuals have a gift for understanding theories and memorising formulas, equations and numbers. These individuals will succeed in job positions such as pharmacists, scientists, mathematicians, surveyors and biologists. 


3. Artistic 

Individuals who have a passion for composing music, writing, drawing, painting and performing are labelled as artistic and creative. They love expressing themselves through their artistic craft. In addition, they also value independence, flexibility and freedom of expression. Artistic and creative individuals dislike doing repetitive tasks where there is no room for imagination. These individuals thrive as actors, musicians, writers, graphic designers, fashion designers, makeup artists and content creators. 


4. Social

Social people are often extroverts who are passionate about communicating with others and helping them. They find purpose and meaning in providing services and caring for others. The individuals also have the ability to empathise with others and find joy in connecting with people. They are fantastic listeners and will do what it takes to fix any problems they face. In addition, they are highly motivated people when it comes to leaving a positive change in a situation or someone’s life. Therefore, the perfect career paths for them are caregivers, nurses, counsellors, social workers and teachers. 


5. Enterprising

Individuals who have this personality type are sociable, goal-driven and great communicators. They are born to be leaders and will work hard to be the best in whatever they are doing. In addition, they have great managerial skills and have a knack for delegating, negotiating and public speaking. They are passionate about topics such as business, politics, economics and current affairs. Ambitious and enterprising individuals make successful managers, salespeople, lawyers, real estate agents and insurance agents. 


6. Conventional 

Individuals with this personality type are able to work independently effectively to complete a task. They are most comfortable when immersed in data, information and numbers. These individuals are skilled in analysis, data interpretation and problem-solving. They are detail-oriented and enjoy a sense of order and organisation. Suitable career choices for these individuals are data analysts, accountants, researchers and computer programmers. 

Other than the RIASEC codes, there are a number of personality and career tests you can easily do online to gauge your personality type such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire, DiSC and the Hexaco Model. You can also take time to reflect and speak to friends, family members or even your school counsellor for help.